Financing your Fordham Education

Complete all items marked with a ()
Step 1: Estimating your Net Direct Charges
A. Your Estimated Direct Charges (includes Tuition, Fees, Room & Board)
$ {{edcf() | number}}
Step 2: Input the financial aid you are receiving that can be applied toward your Direct Charges

Your awards are available on your award notification and are listed on your financial aid portal.

Exclude Federal Work Study awards. Wages are earned at an hourly rate and paid directly to the student on a monthly basis.
Description Amount
Gift Aid (grants & scholarships) $
Federal Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized Loans $
Other Resources (Example: Outside Scholarships) $
B. Total Aid $ {{totaidf() | number}}
C. Net Direct Charges $ {{ndcf() | number}}
Step 3: Indicate how much of your Net Direct Charges (C) you intend to cover in each of the options below.

Enter the amounts, repayment terms and the credit worthiness and adjust each to create the most suitable plan for you. The total of these financing options should equal your:
$ {{ndcf() | number}} in Net Direct Charges.

The plan you are creating addresses your Net Direct Charges for one Full Year Term. Make certain your plan is also sustainable for your entire undergraduate program of study at Fordham.

Financing Options
Cash Payment         $  
  Credit Worthiness Repayment Term (Years) Fees Interest Rate Amount Estimated Monthly Payment
10 Month Payment Plan     $75 N/A $ $ {{mpm() | number: 2}}
Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan   {{fdf}}% {{fda}}% $ $ {{fdm() | number: 2}}
Private Education Loan $0 {{pea}}%1 $ $ {{pem() | number: 2}}
D. Total Financed         $ {{ totfinf() | number}}  
Remaining Costs to be covered $ {{remcostf() | number}}

Every effort has been made to make our estimates as accurate as possible, this tool should only be used for planning purposes.

  • 1 Your lender will determine your actual interest rate based on the strength of the borrower and co-borrower's credit worthiness.